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The Greg O'Shea Story

In this weeks podcast I had the pleasure to speak with Greg O'Shea, getting to know the man before and after Love Island. 





Greg hit our screens in 2019 as a contestant on Love Island, spending twelve days in the Villa and going on to win the show along with Amber Gill. Greg became an instant celebrity, but in our podcast he explains why he continued to follow his dreams and why he didn't get dragged into the spotlight. Greg spoke about his childhood, his setbacks, his discipline and his future. I hope you enjoy!



What an incredible story! Greg has worked hard to achieve his success, while maintaining to keep his feet firmly on the ground. While chasing his dream to become a professional Rugby Player he had a freak accident in New York, putting him out of action for a year! During this time he was also studying a degree in Law, while also part of the Munster Team. Although Greg had a major setback he explained how he didn't complain and stayed focused to achieve his dreams despite some dark days. Greg explains his journey on Love Island, the process, the experience and the "life after". A high percentage of us would have walked away from our dreams on the back of winning Love Island due to the exposure and "so called" responsibilities of been a winner. Greg didn't see it like that, he stayed true to his dream with the Ireland Rugby Seven Team, loyalty to his team and his vision to be part of the Olympics. 


The purpose of our  Podcasts are to highlight individual stories while linking them to our three core values (discipline, consistency & hard work). Greg's story certainly aligns with these values along with reslilance and some good humour :-)


Thanks again Greg, it was a pleasure to speak with you and to share your fantastic story.

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