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The Michael Maisey Story "Change is Possible"


In this weeks episode (first audio recorded version) I had the pleasure to speak with Michael Maisey. Michael is one of my own personal inspirations,  I am delighted to be able to share his inspiring story with our followers. I started to follow Michael over a year ago. Going through my own personal journey I took inspiration from Michael and decided to take some ownership over my own destiny. I got speaking with Michael a few months ago, his encouragement, empathy and direction inspired me to make so big personal changes, I hope our listeners are as inspired as I am. 

My words couldn't do justice for Michaels inspiration, I would highly recommend taking a half hour out and listening to his powerful, inspirational and loving story. Once you've listened I would again highly recommend following him on Instagram and if in a position buy his book.  


At the age of 12, Michael Maisey was smoking crack and treading the corridors of crime. Now a businessman, author, mentor and father, he tells his story about turning his life around.

Michael Maisey was born and raised in Isleworth and became one of London’s most prolific young lawbreakers. He spent most of his teenage years in Feltham Young Offenders Institute after a raid on his local corner shop goes wrong. Twenty years after the armed robbery that changed his life, he is now sober, the proud father of two daughters and owner of an estate agency business. As well as being an aspiring actor, he dedicates his spare time to mentoring young offenders and addicts and was recently honoured by the London Borough of Hounslow for his services to the community. Young Offender is his first book.

Father, Husband, Business Owner, Author, Self-Development Coach, Motivational Speaker, Host of the C.I.P Podcast, Founder of The CIP Project, Creator and Host of The Free 'Time For Change' Online Program.

Thank you again Michael. I look forward to seen you in September. Stay safe and keep up the amazing work

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