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Dogs Trust Tour

Dogs Trust is Irelands largest dog welfare charity. Their mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from threat and unnecessary stress and worry. I finally got the chance to visit dogs trust. What an amazing place, filled with people who all have the same passion and love for helping dogs every day of their lives.


Before I dive in and give you my personal insights on exactly how I felt, and what I thought of the whole experience, I would like to highlight that Dogs Trust rehomed 2,025 dogs. Over on their website they also give information week by week on what’s going on, tips to keep your dog stress free and lots more.

How I felt?

So, before I walked in, I knew it was going to be tough for me seeing numerous dogs not homed, upset and kind of stuck in there kennels. I am obsessed about dogs, always have been anyone that knows me knows how much I love them. When I would go for a walk around Howth, I would notice myself stopping every 5 minutes or so to pet dogs and take pictures with them. Anyways, with taking two steps into Dogs Trust (Ashbourne Road, Dublin 11) my whole reflection on how it would be suddenly changed. I was delighted to see all the bright colours on the walls, the positivity about the place and every single staff member walking around with a smile on their face, which would brighten up anyone’s day. The culture that has been created is amazing!

Guided Tour:

Shortly after walking in I was greeted by an amazing woman called Hannah, who trust me when I say this, she knows her stuff! What Hannah told me and showed me made by day. She named every single dog, told me all about how they have one kennel in the reception which shows there ''Dog of the month" which gets to give the dogs a more of a homey feel and its the first dogs that people see when they walk in. She mentioned that there are already 278 dogs homed this year already, and they are hoping to break records this year. Hannah expressed that in Dogs Trust they never and will never put a dog to sleep no matter how long the dog is there, they keep faith that the perfect home for every dog will come. The staff are premises are sensational, the

care and love they provided in amazing! They have dog walkers shifts, feeding time, play time, bath time you name it. Also, I would like to add that every day they get new toy! I remembered calling Kevin “my boss” after the tour. I was emotional yet so happy because I have now seen for my own eyes the incredible work that goes on. Kevin “not emotional” and who is not as much as a dog lover as me was also struct and the love, culture and commitment, I has so happy to hear that my stories had made that impact to the views on the page and happy I could experience with our followers. 


Dogs Trust have never got government funding, I was shocked and so disappointed to hear this. They are fully funded by the support of you, the public. So, when you see the staff out of the street that are looking for people to sign up and to help a dog, remember that it’s going to the right place. It can cost just €15 a month to support a dog, same as Netlfix in my own house and without getting into it how good you would feel about saving and helping a dog in need?

Click the link below to see more.

Conor Ryan’s Final Words:

I hope you enjoyed reading this and hope you can see from my words and stories on social media just how much I enjoyed my experience. I would highly recommend visiting Dogs Trust, it will cost you nothing and will bring you so much happiness. My final words must be about the staff. You should be so proud of the culture you have created, the love and dedication that goes into caring for these special animals is incredible.


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