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What is #SocialRecruitment?

Social recruitment is the process of recruiting candidates through social media platforms, like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and other websites, including online forums leveraging the power of digital marketing.

Social recruiting is also referred to as social media recruiting, social hiring and social recruitment.

Social recruitment enables organizations to reach passive candidates, gather more referrals, have better targeting abilities with desired candidates, showcase your organizational culture, and save money.

Social recruitment works because it allows us to operate in an area where workers spend a considerable amount of their time - on social media.

Why Use #SocialRecruitment ?


1. 73% of millennials found their last job through a social media site.

Millennials and Gen-Z’s have an intrinsic relationship with technology and are the first generations to be digital natives. Now, these two are the two largest job seeker group and are highly engaged on social media. Naturally, these demographics have a much higher conversion rate for social recruiting than any other groups.

2. #PassiveCandidates make up about 70%-75% of the workforce.

Passive candidates are not actively looking for a new opportunity but will consider a job switch if the role meets their career goals. Through social media recruiting, businesses can engage with this candidate pool and forge a relationship that can potentially turn into a hire.

3. Research on social recruitment has proven that it reduces the overall cost of recruitment by up to 25%.



Once the roles that you are recruiting for are agreed on, our team create your tailored marketing advert in-house and share across our social media platforms, targeting a selective audience. We advertise our roles across platforms like Indeed, Facebook, Instagram and our own website.


The applications we receive are then segmented, removing the time and energy spent scrolling through CV's. This process increases the speed and most importantly the cost of recruitment. Based on the results of the segmenting processes here, we move candidates that we feel have potential forward into the next step of the process.


At this stage, our human interaction process begins. Our team screen and qualify candidates to ensure we provide your business with the right person, first time around! We develop and maintain relationships with our candidates, communicating with them across various channels. Millennials and Gen-Z’s are digital natives and are more accustomed to digital communication i.e., voice notes, video calls, instant messaging etc. than traditional forms of communicating. By engaging with candidates in these ways, we develop relationships with them and ensure that they are fully committed and fully prepared for interview. We commit that over 90% of our candidates will show up to their interview and that 80% of our interviews will result in hire.


Following on from feedback after interviews have taken place, for candidates that are successful in their interviews, we will check the candidates’ references, regret and offer candidates in-line with our customers’ process. We manage the relationship with the candidate until their start date, ensuring we maintain a lasting relationship.


At One Recruitment we fully believe in our process. By developing relationships with candidates through regular and consistent communication across various channels, we ensure that candidates our customers wish to pursue are fully committed to the hiring process and are fully prepared for interview.

Our processes ensure that you will have #NoMoreNoShows, and we fully commit to over 90% of our candidates attending their interviews.

With our human interaction and screening processes, we adopt a #QualityOverQuantity approach, and we fully commit to over 80% of our candidates being successful in their interviews and being offered the role.

Finally, our third commitment is 100% delivery on open roles. If you choose to recruit with us, we fully commit that we will find the right candidate to fill that role.

What kind of roles do you recruit for?


Our modern recruitment methods allow us to reach a wide-ranging variety of candidates and place them in roles across a number of sectors. We are not a company that specializes in certain sectors. 100% of our placed candidates come from social media marketing. Some of the roles we have filled include: Account Managers, HR Managers, Audio Visual Managers, Inside Sales Executives, Bookkeepers, Construction Workers, Brand Ambassadors, Business Development Managers, Mechanics, Carpenters, Customer Care Executives, Retail Sales Advisor, Drivers – Artic, Rigid, C & B license, Sales Assistants, Electrical Engineers, Sales Management, Social Media Executives, Finance Managers, Greenkeepers, HR Executives ,Warehouse Operatives and much more.


Our head office is in Dublin, Ireland but we recruit and place candidates in roles across the island of Ireland. We have placed candidates in roles in every county in Ireland so whether it’s placing Business Development Managers in Cork to C-License Drivers in Belfast, HR Managers in Athlone to Inside Sales Executives in Limerick, #One Recruitment has got you covered.

#ModernRecruitment is #SocialRecruitment

A quarter of all job seekers, and 70% of millennial’s are using social media as the primary tool to look for their next career move, and given the high costs and lengthy times traditionally associated with recruitment are proven to be negated by using social recruitment, the employment of this modern strategy can save you both time and money as well as increasing the chances of reaching candidates that are a perfect fit, something that cannot be guaranteed with other recruitment methods. Studies show that social recruitment can reduce the overall costs of recruitment by up to 25%.

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