Kevin Thomas

Founder & Co-Owner

Hello, my name is Kevin Thomas and I am the founder & Co-Owner of One Agency Recruitment. In my role as Director I am responsible for Marketing & Business Development. I have recently graduated from UCD completing my Msc (Master in Science), receiving a 1st Class Honours Degree. My career background is within Sales Management. Having worked in the same company for over thirteen years I decided I wanted to use my time and energy focused on my own dreams and aspirations.

I wrote the business case for One Agency Recruitment during college and while researching the industry I was amazed at how "out of touch" the industry was against modern society. We leverage the power of social media, influencer, SEO and hashtag marketing while utilizing modern ways of communicating. 

We are Ireland’s #1 followed Recruitment Agency on Instagram, growing daily. Our business model comes alive when human interaction is aligned with the power of social media marketing.

Seen the business model working everyday and helping people is a dream come true. 

Have dreams, but have goals!

Leonard Morrissey

Co-Owner & Director

My name is Leonard Morrissey, I am 34 years old and I am a  CO-Owner & Director in One Agency Recruitment. I am responsible for the recruitment team and business development. My career background is within sales and sales management. Over my years in a management capacity, my biggest headache was always recruiting the right staff. I found that most agencies used the same methods and provided the same candidates, which resulted in substandard interviews and lots of no-shows! The recruitment process was completely outdated. What makes our business model unique is that we leverage the power of social media and never use the "usual" methods. We commit that over 80% of our interviews will result in hires, we achieve this by aligning human interaction & social media marketing!

I look forward to continuing watching our business and team grow while helping people find their dream jobs.

Mel Carson

Client Service Director

Hello, I’m Mel Carson and I’m delighted to bring my Sales and Marketing experience to One Agency Recruitment. I have spent my career involved in the successful delivery of Marketing and Sales campaigns in both Consumer and Business to Business channels across Telecoms, Energy, Charity, Retail and FMCG industries. I have utilized face to face, inside sales, and digital channels to acquire, retain and grow the customer base and their value to the business together with delivering perfect service through operational excellence, flexibility and adaptability. What I have found above all else is that having great people, culture and strategy is the foundation of successful sales and thats why One Agency Recruitment is set up for success.


Alexandra Rickard

Alexandra Rickard

Senior Recruitment Executive

I’m Alexandra and I am a Talent & Brand Executive here at One Agency Recruitment. My previous experience is within People & Business Management, Recruitment and Retail Management.

My interest in building relationships with clients and candidates has been what’s intrigued me about the world of recruitment.
Each day is new and educating, and a good communicator is what keeps you busy and winning in this industry. I love being the matchmaker for businesses with stellar candidates.

I believe in the ethos and vision One Agency Recruitment have already created!
I am delighted to be a part of the team and I can’t wait to hear from you.

 Violeta Munteanu

Violeta Munteanu

Talent & Brand Executive

Hello, my name is Violeta Munteanu. I'm the Talent and Brand Executive at #One Agency Recruitment. My responsibilities include recruiting talent and keeping our social media platforms engaged. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resource Management from National College of Ireland. I am currently completing a master’s degree in Human Resource Management in National College of Ireland. This master’s degree is CIPD accredited and it's full-time for one year. I believe that employees are an organizations best asset, which is why it's important to match talent to the role. We pay close attention to every detail to maximise success for both our customers and clients. #One is Irelands most followed recruitment agency on Instagram. We like to try and engage with our followers as much as possible in line with the company's business model. #One is a breath of fresh air in the recruitment industry with its modern approaches. I'm proud to say I'm part of the team and I'm excited to see the business grow.

Niamh Byrne

Brand and Recruitment Executive

Hello, my name is Niamh, I am a Brand and Recruitment Executive at One Agency Recruitment. I have a MSc honours degree in Management & Marketing and a BA honours degree in Law & English. I have worked in several industries such as Financial Services, FMCG, Retail etc. which enabled me to gain valuable experience in both a macro and a micro-environment. My previous experience predominately lies within marketing, I have worked in both B2B and B2C industries.

I am passionate about business development and enabling clients with the tools to reach the right people at the right time. I’m a big believer in collaborative learning and I believe knowledge transfer is beneficial for both individuals and companies, therefore I started a podcast several months ago called ‘The N-Dustry Podcast’ which is a collection of conversations with individuals established in their industries at all different levels. The insight guests provide is an honest reflection of certain careers which is not offered anywhere else. I am delighted to be able to enhance my podcast within my new role. The ethos and business model of #One is the reason it is the most followed recruitment agency on Instagram. I’m delighted to be part of such a great team here at #One and look forward to being part of the business growth/.

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