Paul Stenson Blog

Paul Stenson, White Moose Café, Funny Man, Digital Creator. In this blog we get to know were it all began for Mr Stenson and what inspires him.

Paul Stenson, in my opinion is the funniest person I have ever met. I have personally known Paul for over a year and would consider him a gentleman. I am a big fan of Paul’s work and believe he is the funniest person on Instagram right now. I had the pleasure to work with Paul last week in both the White Mouse Café & in my place of work, One Agency Recruitment. In my interview with Paul I wanted to find out some interesting things about Paul, I hope you enjoy!

The Beginning!

Paul’s White Moose Café started back in July 2015. The social media journey started on Facebook. Over 200,000 likes on the Facebook page it all started on the back of a Facebook post that created over 200,000 likes on the back of an “OUTRAGE MARKETING” post, something we would now associate with Paul. In Paul’s words, he says the things publicly, that people are thinking. This content has created brand awareness for both Paul & the White Moose Café, btw both verified accounts on Instagram with the elusive blue tick. Paul had a good career in a well known 5 Star hotel, but as explained he was not doing something he loved and wasn’t following his dreams hence his change in his career.

What inspires you?

Entertaining, following my dreams. Paul beautifully explained how his dream eventually found him, allowing him to perform on camera daily while also working in the hospitality sector. Paul took a big risk, not only leaving a “comfortable” career but also in creating his own brand and service.

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

“If you are destined to become something, you will do it”. I properly should have followed my dream and became an actor. I believe in destiny, my dream found me, and I am so happy in what I do. You must be determined, believe in your dreams and work hard.

Conor Ryan Opinion on Paul Stenson:

Reflecting on our conversation and time together over the few days I can honestly say my admiration for Paul couldn’t be any higher. The energy, love and laughter Paul brings to people’s life everyday is amazing. Yes, some people see his content as edgy, “opinions are like noses, everyone has one and everyone picks their own”! In my opinion Paul’s content brings laughter to those who decide they “want” to follow him, and with over 45,000 people following him he must be doing something right. Life is about laughter, fun and love and Paul provides all three to the public at ZERO cost. Paul’s desire to challenge himself and to follow his own dream is motivation to us all. We are all given a purpose in life and Paul certainly found his. If you’ve not visited
the White Moose Café you really should plan a trip. The food, service and banter will not disappoint. Thank you to Paul for his time and support, I hope you enjoyed this blog/vlog as much as I did.

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